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One-of-a-kind Baby Gifts

We provide uniquely designed, one-of-a-kind baby gifts. Our "Diaper Cakes" are made of blankets, diapers, stuffed animals and more, in a cake-shaped arrangement of baby gifts for the mom or dad-to-be!

Diaper cakes are typically given to new parents at baby showers, or sometimes, they're personally delivered to the new parents at the hospital or at home. They're a thoughtful and unique gift that can be tailored to the parents' personality or the baby theme, and make a memorable gift.

My Baby Bakery gifts beautifully made by owner Allison Williams who has a passion for design and previous experience in the London Fashion Industry!

We're big on CUSTOM gifts

Infact you won't find two My Baby Bakery Gifts that are alike!

Doppelganger? None

Twinsies? Nope

Speaking of twinsies, you wouldn't give twins the same baby shower gift would you? Neither would we.

That's why we don't charge extra for customizing your My Baby Bakery Gift.

Tell us about the parents-to-be or the new baby and we'll make a fabulous gift uniquely and thoughtfully for them.

(But, in case you're in a snafu, we do keep a couple of My Baby Bakery Diaper Cakes on hand and can deliver them in 24 hours for those… oopsies in life!)

Here are some suggestions to help you with your brainstorming:


Made for Mommy

As unique as her baby, some mommies love organic themed gifts, others love rock-a-billy while others prefer a moustache & martini theme. We've got a thoughtful gifts to suit each mommy's style.

Explore more Made for Mommy themes.


Made for Daddy

These days, daddy's are celebrating too! Some custom gifts we've made have included favourite breweries, sports teams and even hipster-style gifts.

Explore more Made for Daddy themes.


Made for Memories

Do the parents-to-be love Disney? Is there a certain book that brings back great childhood memories? What about a bath-themed My Baby Bakery Gift?

Explore more Made for Memories themes.


Made for Celebrations

Bring your Valentine a unique gift. Surprise your friends at a Christening or delight a mother-to-be for Mother's Day.

Explore more Made for Celebrations themes.

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What a creative, practical, unique gift for any expanding family. Allison’s baby bakery has a variety of gifts for any price range with adorable, quality useful keepsakes. Perfect, one of a kind gift! -~ Sheri Cochrane, AB