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Baby showers are fun events where the mom-to-be gets showered with gifts and attention. Everyone is excited to meet the baby and happy for the expecting parents, so they celebrate by getting together to enjoy each other’s company, eat food, and play games.

If you’re looking for some baby shower food inspiration that is more creative than the usual finger sandwiches, veggies, and desserts, we have you covered.

Hosting a baby shower? Here are 5 creative baby shower food ideas:

1. Colored Popcorn in Doily Cones

Want baby shower snacks that go with the color of the baby’s gender? These cute popcorn cones are easy to make and can be made in blue, pink, or any other color your heart desires.

2. Cheesy Tomato Tarts

These yummy tomato tarts only take about an hour to make and they’re like fancy mini pizzas! Guests will love these convenient little finger appetizers.

3. Chicken Salad Bites

Chicken salad is a classic at events like baby showers, but why not change it up a little? This chicken salad is served in little wonton bites, making it another perfect finger food option.

4. Baby Rattle Oreo Pops

These baby rattle Oreo pops make an adorable, sweet themed dessert that everyone will love. These are sure to be a hit at any baby shower.

5. Pinwheel Sandwiches

These wrap bites are a nice twist on regular sandwiches and can be made in a number of varieties like BLT, vegetarian, and more.

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