Baby shower

The term “baby shower” conjures up the image of a radiant mother-to-be being showered with gifts and well-wishes. But a baby shower has traditionally been much more than just a way for expectant parents to furnish their nest.

The baby shower is a celebration of a significant transitional event: impending parenthood. Though the baby shower is relatively new in human history, ancient Egyptians viewed pregnancy and childbirth as an important rite of passage, and they were celebrated with female-centred rituals. Ancient Greeks marked the birth of a child with celebratory rituals, including the dedication of gifts to the birth-goddess, Eileithyia.

In the Middle Ages, the closest thing to a baby shower would have been the baptism, often performed on the same day the baby was born. It was customary for the godparents to bestow gifts, such as silver spoons, upon the child. During the Renaissance, expectant mothers were lavishly celebrated for their maternal role, and were gifted with household items, often inscribed with wishes for successful childbirth.

It was during the Victorian era that the modern baby shower found its roots. The main difference was that these celebrations took place after the baby’s birth, as pregnancy was considered a taboo subject. The new mother would be honoured at a tea party which included playful games. In the early 1900s, these tea parties became showers, involving handmade gifts for the mother. During the baby boom era after WWII, the baby shower became a means for friends and family to lessen the financial burden of caring for a newborn, while honouring the impending transition to motherhood.

Despite the changing characteristics of the baby shower over the centuries, one thing has remained constant: it is a communal celebration of motherhood and a warm welcome to the new member of the family. If there is a new baby to celebrate in your life, contact My Baby Bakery for the perfect baby gift.

  Posted: Wednesday, March 8th, 3:16am 3 years ago

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