Diaper cake

Of all the different types of gifts available for expectant parents, the diaper cake might be one of the most creative and unique ones. Though not exactly the layered treat one normally associates with the word “cake”, a diaper cake is nonetheless visually impressive and comes in very handy during the first few months of caring for an infant.

Essentially, a diaper cake is made by rolling and stacking diapers in an arrangement that resembles the tiers of a traditional cake. It can then be dressed up with baby accessories, such as wash cloths, receiving blankets, baby bottles, bibs, and plush toys, then further trimmed with ribbons and bows. Diaper cakes vary in size and shape, and can even be customized to suit a variety of themes or styles.

The beauty of the diaper cake is that it combines fun and whimsy with functionality. They make eye-catching centrepieces for the baby shower. And what mom-to-be wouldn’t be impressed with the presentation of useful and practical baby supplies wrapped up in an unexpectedly festive way? Diaper cakes are perfect gifts not only for baby showers, but also for after a new baby arrives or to celebrate an adoption. In short, a diaper cake is an original gift that expectant or new parents will use for months to come, and remember for years.

If you’re looking for a unique and memorable baby gift, visit My Baby Bakery and choose from one of their ready-to-go diaper cakes, or have one custom-designed to fit your needs.

  Posted: Thursday, January 5th, 3:00am 3 years ago

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Thank you so much for the little gift we received today, it wasn’t necessary.. The cupcakes are so sweet. We also really loved the diaper cake and think your presentation and all the contents are so beautiful. All the best! -Lorraine Boridy, AB