Tips for Planning Coworker's Baby Shower

You’re back at it in the new year, and the team is doing a fantastic job hitting new goals and starting new projects. And then one of your coworkers pulls you aside: she’s pregnant!

On top of your normal work, you now have planning a baby shower at the top of your list. Here are our top tips for planning a memorable – and fun! – baby shower for everyone to enjoy.

  1. Make your guest list. If you work at a large company, be thoughtful of your budget while planning out your guest list. Perhaps just invite your team members, and a few other individuals from other teams who are closest with the soon-to-be mom. If in doubt, run the guest list past your coworker to see if she approves.
  2. Pick a location. Most people plan a coworker’s baby shower for a Friday afternoon when work has quieted down a bit. Still, be mindful as you select a location. Make sure it’s close to work so it’s convenient for everyone, even if they’re coming straight from a meeting or will be heading to one right after. A favorite restaurant should be able to accommodate a small group, either at a large table or in a private room. For a more whimsical affair, try an afternoon tea.
  3. Plan your menu. If you know your coworker has dealt with cravings and aversions during her pregnancy, don’t surprise her with something that might turn her stomach at the shower! If you’re not sure, ask your coworker for her favorite foods and what would be safe for her to eat. Finishing with a small cake and cupcakes – decorated in blue or pink, of course! – is the perfect treat.
  4. Bring a memorable gift. Of course, most would argue that the point of the baby shower is to, well, shower the mother-to-be with gifts! Our gifts are a unique way to give several items to an expectant mother, from baby blankets, to diapers, to a photography voucher for a newborn photoshoot. Other classics include onesies, soft stuffed animals, and essentials like playpens and toys.

Remember, a baby shower is the time to celebrate your coworker and her upcoming bundle of joy. The event doesn’t have to be a fancy affair – it simply has to come from the heart.

  Posted: Wednesday, February 8th, 9:00pm 3 years ago

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Thank you so much for the little gift we received today, it wasn’t necessary.. The cupcakes are so sweet. We also really loved the diaper cake and think your presentation and all the contents are so beautiful. All the best! -Lorraine Boridy, AB