undefinedWith electronic communication becoming the norm, we find ourselves sending invites or thank you’s for significant events, like baby showers, through a quick text or email. Still, the power of a handwritten note has not been lost. Here are a few reasons why it’s worth taking pen to paper whether it’s for an invite or thank you letter:

Give Something Tangible

Unlike a text or email, a handwritten note is something that the recipient can hold on to and refer back to. Emails and e-vites tend to get lost in the sea of an inbox, whereas a handwritten note can be displayed prominently on a fridge or in a memory box.

Make it personal

Receiving a handwritten note is much more intimate than opening an email. Your efforts are sure to not go unnoticed by the recipient.

Surprise Someone

In the sea of bills, junk mail, and pre-approvals, it’s nice to make someone’s day by sending them a handwritten thank you note or invite. What a great surprise it is to receive a lovely invite or thank you note!

Straight from the Heart

Unlike an email, a handwritten letter doesn’t have a backspace button. It’s more much endearing when it comes straight from the heart on pen and paper. If you’re considering sending a baby shower invite or thank you note in the near future, we encourage you to disregard e-vites or text messages for a more personal approach with a beautiful, personal card. Your recipients are sure to love it!

  Posted: Monday, August 1st, 12:54pm 3 years ago

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