undefinedBaby showers are often held in midafternoon, so your food doesn’t need to be extensive. Instead, party planners can opt for fun finger foods that guests can enjoy while mingling. In order to help you brainstorm your menu, we’ve compiled some ideas to help you get started.

A Breakfast Bar

If you are opting for a brunch, consider an array of fresh pastries, fruit, and quiche. Don’t forget the coffee and tea for beverages. Or, set up a fun bloody-mary bar with all of the fixing’s. Guests will love creating their perfect drink!


While guests can enjoy mimosas or sangria, don’t forget the mommy-to-be! A signature mocktail will make the mom not feel so left out.

”She’s About to Pop!”

Popcorn is a fun grab and go party food. You can decorate big bowls or individual bags with sayings like “she’s about to pop!” to fit into the baby shower theme seamlessly.

Mini Sandwiches

An afternoon tea party wouldn’t be complete without some old-fashioned tea sandwiches. These make the perfect snack for a light afternoon meal.

Candy Bar

Candy Bar’s are a fun and popular way to literally “treat” your guests at showers. Colorful candies like starbursts, jelly beans, and skittles can add a pop of color. And, don’t forget the chocolate! Include mini-snickers, twix, and kisses, too. You can grab large vases at your local craft store and arrange them on a table. Add in cute personalized bags so that your guests have something to take home with them.

  Posted: Wednesday, July 13th, 7:18pm 3 years ago

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