undefined A new baby is a great excuse to throw a party! It’s such an exciting time not only for the parents-to-be, but for friends and family, too! It can be easy to get stressed out when planning, however, as long as you’re organized, it can be an easy, hassle-free affair. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Picking a Theme

Before getting to work creating invites and decorations, it is important to pick a theme for your party! If the parents have a theme for the baby’s nursery, it can be a great idea to tie the two together. Or, the theme can reflect the mom-to-be’s personality and preferences. If you are organizing a gender reveal party, a bowtie and butterflies theme, or safari themes are nice a neutral ways to go.


When making the invitation lists, consider the chosen theme so people know what to expect. Be sure to send out invites 4-6 weeks in advance so people have time to prepare!

Food and Drink

Baby shower refreshments don’t need to be very elaborate. You can opt for a simple buffet and choose to order to food ahead of time. Or, a pot-luck is acceptable too. Ask the mother-to-be how she feels about alcoholic drinks being served.

Baby Shower Games

Baby shower games are not necessary, but they are fun! They are a great way to kick things off and break the ice. For a full list of baby shower games, visit our recent blog post.

With some careful planning and a little bit of time and effort, you can make the day a special occasion for the mom-to-be!

  Posted: Tuesday, May 31st, 9:57pm 4 years ago

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