undefined This is an exciting time in you and your partner’s life! However, it can be a little bit scary, too. Here are some ways to get your home, finances, and life ready for your baby’s arrival.

Learn about the Birth Process

In order to get ready for the act of giving birth, you may want to consider taking a birthing class. A birthing class will help you learn about the stages of labor, options for pain management, breathing techniques, and medical equipment that may be used during your delivery. You’ll want to start taking a class mid-pregnancy to ensure that you have plenty of time. Class options will vary so survey the options in your community to find a class that appeals to you.

Prepare Older Siblings and Pets

The new baby will surely change your world. And, if you already have children or pets, it could definitely rock their world. It’s a good idea to help set the stage for a new brother or sister. Consider using a baby doll to help your child understand what’s coming. Some hospitals even have sibling classes, where older kids can learn about babies – why they cry, how to keep them safe, etc. If you have a pet and worry about how they will act when the baby comes, a local trainer may be able to help you. There are also many books, articles, and videos that can help you and your pet prepare for the baby’s birth.

Financially Preparing Now that you have increased responsibilities, you’ll need to think about your finances more. Be sure to maximize your health insurance benefits, sign up for disability, and consider term life insurance. A financial planner will be your best resource in helping you prepare for the future.


Lastly, remember to slow down and enjoy the process! Pregnancy can be a wonderful time in you and your partner’s life. Relax and enjoy the entire process!

  Posted: Wednesday, May 18th, 10:17pm 4 years ago

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