undefined A diaper cake is actually a cake-shaped arrangement of baby diapers and gifts for a mom to be!

Diaper cakes are typically given to new parents at baby showers, or sometimes, they are personally delivered to the new parents at the hospital or at home. They make an excellent impression when displayed on a gift table because of their beautiful bows and wrapping presentation.

Why Diaper Cakes Make a Great Gift

One of the benefits of giving a diaper cake is because new parents will actually use this gift! It is a great alternative to gift baskets or flowers. Since diaper cakes are unique and personalized, parents to be are always thrilled to receive a diaper cake.

What’s Comes in a Diaper Cake

A diaper cake can be customized to meet your unique needs. Therefore, they can be as basic or elaborate as you would like. Many times, the diaper cake can include items such as wash cloths, teething rings, toys, bibs, socks, and onesies, in addition to diapers.

Diaper Cake Options in Calgary

If you are looking for diaper cakes in Calgary, My Baby Bakery has an assortment of options for you to choose from. From simple to elaborate diaper cake designs, no matter what you choose, the recipient is sure to be pleased with this practical and thoughtful gift.

Learn more about our Cake Styles in Calgary at My Baby Bakery.

  Posted: Saturday, April 23rd, 5:48pm 4 years ago

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Thank you so much for the little gift we received today, it wasn’t necessary.. The cupcakes are so sweet. We also really loved the diaper cake and think your presentation and all the contents are so beautiful. All the best! -Lorraine Boridy, AB