undefined A baby shower is a great way to celebrate a new addition to the family! One of the first steps you’ll want to take is to send out invitations to all of your family and friends to invite them to your shower. We’ve gathered some helpful tips for sending invitations to your family and friends:

Timing: Typically, a baby shower is held 6-8 weeks before the baby is due. If you are planning the baby shower for one of your family members, choose the date with the mom-to-be. A good rule of thumb is to give your friends and family 4-6 weeks to plan to attend.

Ladies or Mixed: Some people opt for a women-only shower, inviting female friends and family members of the mom-to-be. More recently, couples are opting for “Jack and Jill” type baby showers, which invite both men and women. Whatever you decide, make sure your invite is clear and straight forward.

Design: If you have a theme for your shower, you can often find invitations that match the theme. This can also offer a subtle hint to your guests on what to purchase. For instance, if you are decorating your nursery with giraffes, adding giraffes to your invite can give your guests an idea of what you are interested in.

Guest List: Get organized by making your guest list. Most moms or parents-to-be want to invite their family, friends, and even co-workers to their baby shower. If you are planning a baby shower for one of your friends, be sure that the mom-to-be provides you with all of the guests’ mailing addresses.

For more tips on creating baby shower invitations, visit Paper Style.

  Posted: Wednesday, March 16th, 7:18pm 4 years ago

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