undefined Preparing for your new bundle of joy can be a wonderful time! One thing that is most exciting is setting up your baby registry. It’s fun to plan about all of the new gadgets and cute outfits that you will receive during your baby shower. If done correctly, setting up your baby registry can give you a good head start on all of the necessities you’ll need to prepare for your son or daughter. In an effort to help guide you, we’ve gathered some do’s and don’ts for creating your baby registry.

My Baby Bakery’s Top Do’s and Don’t for Registering

Do register online and in-store. Some companies will have different inventories, so if you can’t find something online, it may be in store or vice versa. Also, it is important to see, touch, and test in store products, so you can find out what really suits your tastes.

Do pick small and large items. Depending on their budget, some friends will want a budget-friendly gift. Therefore, it is important to provide your guests with many options for gifts on your registry.

Don’t think short term. Instead, think long term! If you only think about the items that you need in the first three months, you’ll notice that your baby will outgrow many items very fast. Instead, think about activity centers, bath toys, high chairs, and solid foods, so you’ll be all set throughout their toddler years.

Don’t feel pressured. Don’t get overwhelmed and feel pressured to register for everything you might possibly need, and don’t worry that you need to have it all NOW. You will be able to go to the store after the baby is born, so don’t stress out if your baby shower guests give you 20 stuffed animals and nothing else. There is plenty of time to get ready!

For more tips on how to build a better baby registry, visit Mom365 for more info!

  Posted: Wednesday, March 2nd, 1:07pm 4 years ago

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